Happy Holidays

step 1. Line Art

To make sure that 2017 starts on a creative and positive note I wanted to end 2016 with an artistic thank you to everyone who was there for me as I became an honest man.

step 2. Flat Colors

This post includes the stages of creativity for my Flower Power illustration.

Working off of my iPad I used Adobe Draw to create the  basic black and white line art. The next stage of this was filling in the flat colors. A note about the creative process, the  green of the shirt was a happy accident, in making sure I filled all the open spots I used a green background and realized how good she looked in green. Even a digital drawing has an organic aspect.


The last stage was adding  shading and details to the figure and her clothing. To give her that pop and personality I used Adobe Capture to create the flowers in her hair and on her shirt. From here I used Adobe Creative Cloud to transfer the illustration to Adobe Illustrator to clean up the image and create a more portable png.

With the final image done, I uploaded the illustration to Canva.com to add my Happy Holidays message and some random “snowfall” to give the seasonal feel. Enjoy and here’s to staying creative in 2017.



You Can Visit My Sketchbook, Soon.

SketchBook.Bows&Arrows.02Thanks for sending in your project for The Sketchbook Project 2015! We just wanted to let you know that your project has now been cataloged into the Brooklyn Art Library! It can be found on the shelves with a call number of 257.2-10.
Please stay tuned for more details about the project.

The Sketchbook Project Crew


Got the email late last night and look forward to visiting my sketchbook soon. Here’s another rough scan from my contribution to the Bows and Arrows theme.

When You Clean Up

I’ve read somewhere that a clean desk makes you more productive and I needed something to do to get the creative juices flowing. And I cleaned, sorted and filed, one of the gems was this old un-inked drawing from 07. With renewed vigor and a fresh Copic marker I set out to complete the piece. The decision to also use stippling was a choice to mix techniques and help make the image pop.

Black and white illustration. 9/26/14
Black and white illustration. 9/26/14