Writing’s on the Web

Writing’s on the Web contains links to published articles, interviews, reviews and stories I’ve written over the past year.

IMG-1859Black Comic Book Festival Kicks Off the Season
My recap of the 2018 Black Comic Book Festival for Graphic Policy. January 2017


dc-batman21-aReview: Batman/The Flash: The Button

My review for GraphicPolicy.com. October 24, 2017




Michael Cray Visits Anyone Comics

My review for GraphicPolicy.com. October 16, 2017

Kyle Baker Static_59d41007ae31c3.15662501Milestone Is Back!

Coverage of the Milstone Panel at New York Comic Con. October 5, 2017



Defending The Night, One Beer At A Time

Coverage of a pre-Comic Con event at Brooklyn Brewery. September 19, 2017

NarazuWild Card Edition

My contribution to the September newsletter for Narazu.com. September 13, 2017


Screen Shot 2017-09-03 at 3.24.38 PMVictor LaValle discusses Destroyer

My interview with Scienc Fiction Writer Victor LaValle for BlackSci-Fi.com. August 22, 2017


NarazuWhat is Cyberpunk?

My contribution to the August newsletter for Narazu.com. August 14, 2017



BLERDCity.Logo_Convention news: BLERD City takes over NYC on July 29-30

Interview with Clairesa Clay the founder of the BLERD City Conference for ComicsBeat.com. July 17, 2017


DEtOwCoVYAEAOLy-125x125.jpgTalking With Team Superb

A brief chat with the writing team of David Walker and Dr. Sheena Howard for BlackSci-Fi.com. July 17, 2017



NarazuThe Weird West…

My contribution to the July newsletter for Narazu.com. July 14, 2017



FanBrosArtShow9-2000x1500To do this week NYC: Fan Bros Art Show 2017

My write-up for ComicsBeat.com of the 1st Fan Bros Art Show. August 17, 2017


NarazuThings That Go Bump In The Night

My contribution to the June newsletter for Narazu.com.



IMG_0871On the scene: A La Borinqueña mural is created in the Bronx

My write up for ComicsBeat.com of the unveiling of the La Borinqueña mural at the Casita Maria Center for Arts & Education in the Bronx. June 9, 2017

mw1Flashback Friday Review: The Life And Times Of Martha Washington In The Twenty-first Century

My first time read and review of this amazing new collection for GraphicPolicy.com.



star-trek-the-next-generation-broken-mirror-1Star Trek: The Next Generation – Broken Mirror

My review of the new Star Trek: The Next Generation – Broken Mirror for the website GraphicPolicy.com.



fcbd17_s_lion-forge-catalyst-prime-the-eventREVIEW: CATALYST PRIME – FCBD AND NOBEL #1

My review of the new Catalyst Prime book Nobel and the FCBD issue for the website GraphicPolicy.com.



18788334_1435362566526446_1700108452_n-300x293BlackSci-Fi.com Interview w/ BlerdCon founder Hilton George

BlerdCon founder Hilton George interview for BlackSci-Fi.com. June 26, 2017.

NarazuOut of This World

My contribution to the May newsletter for Narazu.com.



LandoLando Calrissian: An Unsung Hero of The Star Wars Universe

My rant on the true Hero of the Rebel Alliance, General Lando Calrissian for BlackSci-Fi.com, posted April 17, 2017.


NarazuOnce Upon a Time

My contribution to the April newsletter for Narazu.com.



statictbfFriday Flashback Review: Static Shock: Trial by Fire

Trip down memory lane for a re-read of Static issues 1-4. Posted on April 14, 2017 for GraphicPolicy.com.



NarazuSuperheroes, Anarchy, and Whatnot….

My comic book related recommendations for Narazu.com’s March 2017 suggestion page.


prison-city-sunriseInside The Walls of Prison City

My interview with the creative team of David F. Walker and Tim Fielder for BlackSci-Fi.com. Posted Feb. 2017.

dscn3371-700x525Dispatches from the Black Comic Book Festival 2017

My recap of the 2017 Black Comic Book Festival for FanBros.com. Posted Jan. 2017.


randy-green-2-300x250A chat with Randy Green, a.k.a R-Son – The Voice of Reason

My interview with R-Son the Voice of Reason for BlackSci-Fi.com. Posted Jan. 9th, 2017.


cp-logo-black-on-white-orange-bg-300x98Joseph Illidge talks Catalyst Prime

Interview with Joseph Illidge, Senior Editor of Lion Forge Comics for BlackSci-Fi.com. Published Oct 24th.2017.

luke-cage-still_t580Cage match: Does the comics’ ‘Luke Cage’ jibe with TV’s?

An article I co-wrote with LA Williams on Marvel’s Luke Cage. Published October 6, 2016 for New York Amsterdam News.

swu2yaccfr7azok3jtu2mo_iaiepnnttidabuyhcymua1e_wmkk8w7kkecnrqn6e6bvspoqpmnwqvczfdxl-hpdb770qrmxrahlumkkikixzab0byaw530-h329-pStar Trek: Mission Accomplished

Coverage of Star Trek Mission New York, a convention celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Star Trek. Published September 12, 2016 for BlackSci-Fi.com.


StarFleetExperienceHow I Beat The Kobayashi Maru

My visit to the temporary exhibit at the Intrepid Air and Space Museum in New York City. Published July 22, 2016 for BlackSci-Fi.com.



nighthawk1-200x300Review of Nighthawk Issues 1 and 2

A review for BlackSci-Fi.com published July 13, 2016.




dscn3153-300x225A Quick Trip to Black Metropolis

An article on artist Tim Fielders exhibit Black Metropolis. Published June 10, 2016 for BlackSci-Fi.com.



Inheritance-2-1An Interview with dynamic Sci-Fi/ Fantasy Author NK Jemisin

Interview with Science Fiction Author NK Jemisin for BlackSci-Fi.com. March 1, 2016.


DSCN3009The Force is Strong with The New York Jedi

Article on Star Wars fandom for BlackSci.fi.com. December 17, 2015.


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