Writing’s on the Web

Writing’s on the Web contains links to published articles, interviews, reviews and stories I’ve written over the years.

discoverySTAR TREK: DISCOVERY’s Crew discusses the pain of war and season 2’s brighter future

October 2018

Batman-and-the-Justice-League-Vol.-1Review: Batman and the Justice League Vol. 1





October 2018

Sense8Action8 Reasons to Rewatch Sense8



August 2018

83805242-FD80-4F11-8FD3-52DB1E9A0080-1357-0000025FD3DC241BBlerd City 2.0 Beams Back to New York




July 2018

4th of July Patriots

July 2018

Women in Comics Con Rocks Brooklyn

July 2018

Five Days of Books

June 2018

Last.Shot_.SW_.2018INTERVIEW: Daniel José Older talks Han and Lando’s latest adventure in STAR WARS: LAST SHOT


May 2018

HeadOnCoverBook Review: Head On




April 2018

DSK_Cv30Review: Deathstroke #30 – Deathstroke vs. Batman part 1





April 2018

The-Midnight-FrontMidnight Front is Mission Impossible meets Harry Potter

My review of David Mack’s book Midnight Front for GraphicPolicy.com.



March 2018

IMG-1859Black Comic Book Festival Kicks Off the Season

My recap of the 2018 Black Comic Book Festival for Graphic Policy.

January 2018

dc-batman21-aReview: Batman/The Flash: The Button

My review for GraphicPolicy.com.



October 24, 2017

Michael Cray Visits Anyone Comics

My review for GraphicPolicy.com. October 16, 2017

Kyle Baker Static_59d41007ae31c3.15662501Milestone Is Back!

Coverage of the Milstone Panel at New York Comic Con. October 5, 2017



Defending The Night, One Beer At A Time

Coverage of a pre-Comic Con event at Brooklyn Brewery. September 19, 2017

NarazuWild Card Edition

My contribution to the September newsletter for Narazu.com. September 13, 2017


Screen Shot 2017-09-03 at 3.24.38 PMVictor LaValle discusses Destroyer

My interview with Scienc Fiction Writer Victor LaValle for BlackSci-Fi.com. August 22, 2017


NarazuWhat is Cyberpunk?

My contribution to the August newsletter for Narazu.com. August 14, 2017



BLERDCity.Logo_Convention news: BLERD City takes over NYC on July 29-30

Interview with Clairesa Clay the founder of the BLERD City Conference for ComicsBeat.com. July 17, 2017


DEtOwCoVYAEAOLy-125x125.jpgTalking With Team Superb

A brief chat with the writing team of David Walker and Dr. Sheena Howard for BlackSci-Fi.com. July 17, 2017



NarazuThe Weird West…

My contribution to the July newsletter for Narazu.com. July 14, 2017



FanBrosArtShow9-2000x1500To do this week NYC: Fan Bros Art Show 2017

My write-up for ComicsBeat.com of the 1st Fan Bros Art Show. August 17, 2017


NarazuThings That Go Bump In The Night

My contribution to the June newsletter for Narazu.com.



IMG_0871On the scene: A La Borinqueña mural is created in the Bronx

My write up for ComicsBeat.com of the unveiling of the La Borinqueña mural at the Casita Maria Center for Arts & Education in the Bronx. June 9, 2017

mw1Flashback Friday Review: The Life And Times Of Martha Washington In The Twenty-first Century

My first time read and review of this amazing new collection for GraphicPolicy.com.



Star Trek: The Next Generation – Broken Mirror

My review of the new Star Trek: The Next Generation – Broken Mirror for the website GraphicPolicy.com.


My review of the new Catalyst Prime book Nobel and the FCBD issue for the website GraphicPolicy.com.

BlackSci-Fi.com Interview w/ BlerdCon founder Hilton George

BlerdCon founder Hilton George interview for BlackSci-Fi.com. June 26, 2017.

NarazuOut of This World

My contribution to the May newsletter for Narazu.com.



LandoLando Calrissian: An Unsung Hero of The Star Wars Universe

My rant on the true Hero of the Rebel Alliance, General Lando Calrissian for BlackSci-Fi.com.


April 2017

NarazuOnce Upon a Time

My contribution to the April newsletter for Narazu.com.



statictbfFriday Flashback Review: Static Shock: Trial by Fire

Trip down memory lane for a re-read of Static issues 1-4. Posted on April 14, 2017 for GraphicPolicy.com.



NarazuSuperheroes, Anarchy, and Whatnot….

My comic book related recommendations for Narazu.com’s March 2017 suggestion page.


Inside The Walls of Prison City

My interview with the creative team of David F. Walker and Tim Fielder for BlackSci-Fi.com. Posted Feb. 2017.

dscn3371-700x525Dispatches from the Black Comic Book Festival 2017

My recap of the 2017 Black Comic Book Festival for FanBros.com.

Posted Jan. 2017.

randy-green-2-300x250A chat with Randy Green, a.k.a R-Son – The Voice of Reason

My interview with R-Son the Voice of Reason for BlackSci-Fi.com.

Posted Jan. 9th, 2017.

Joseph Illidge talks Catalyst Prime

Interview with Joseph Illidge, Senior Editor of Lion Forge Comics for BlackSci-Fi.com. Published Oct 24th.2017.

luke-cage-still_t580Cage match: Does the comics’ ‘Luke Cage’ jibe with TV’s?

An article I co-wrote with LA Williams on Marvel’s Luke Cage. Published October 6, 2016 for New York Amsterdam News.

swu2yaccfr7azok3jtu2mo_iaiepnnttidabuyhcymua1e_wmkk8w7kkecnrqn6e6bvspoqpmnwqvczfdxl-hpdb770qrmxrahlumkkikixzab0byaw530-h329-pStar Trek: Mission Accomplished

Coverage of Star Trek Mission New York, a convention celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Star Trek.

Published September 12, 2016 for BlackSci-Fi.com.

StarFleetExperienceHow I Beat The Kobayashi Maru

My visit to the temporary exhibit at the Intrepid Air and Space Museum in New York City.

Published July 22, 2016 for BlackSci-Fi.com

Review of Nighthawk Issues 1 and 2

A review for BlackSci-Fi.com.

July 2016

dscn3153-300x225A Quick Trip to Black Metropolis

An article on artist Tim Fielders exhibit Black Metropolis. Published June 10, 2016 for BlackSci-Fi.com.



Inheritance-2-1An Interview with dynamic Sci-Fi/ Fantasy Author NK Jemisin

Interview with Science Fiction Author NK Jemisin for BlackSci-Fi.com. March 1, 2016.


DSCN3009The Force is Strong with The New York Jedi

Article on Star Wars fandom for BlackSci.fi.com. December 17, 2015.


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