Top 5 of 2016

With all the passing’s of celebrities, family and friends, a crazy election, and injustice still an issue in this country, 2016 could be looked at as one of the worst years in a long time, but I won’t look at it that way as I had some great times and life changing moments. Here are my Top 5 of 2016.

5. Black Comic Book Day

CYy4MmNUoAM18Hf The annual event of Bleeks and Blurds, held at the Schomburg Center in Harlem, NY, is filled with talks and vendors of color in the comic book field. This free gathering continues to grow in influence and spreading the word that there are comics out there for us.  Black Comic Book Day Pictures Here

4. Civil War and Luke Cage

black-panther-civil-warCaptain America: Civil War – My second favorite Marvel movie had one of the best super powered battles since Revenge of the Sith, introduced Spider-man into the Marvel cinematic universe, but the most important reason for making the list was the debut of the Black Panther on the big screen. Also this year was one of the best written of the Marvel shows Luke Cage. Amazing cast, dynamic dialog & humor, and a banging soundtrack made this one for the books.

3. Kobayashi Maru

StarFleetExperienceIf the name sounds familiar it’s because the Kobayashi Maru is the famed test for Starfleet cadets and earlier this year I was able to show how I had the right stuff. For the full details of my exam experience click on my article written for Kobayashi Maru.

2. Star Trek Mission

swu2yaccfr7azok3jtu2mo_iaiepnnttidabuyhcymua1e_wmkk8w7kkecnrqn6e6bvspoqpmnwqvczfdxl-hpdb770qrmxrahlumkkikixzab0byaw530-h329-pStar Trek Mission – The 50th Anniversary to celebrate the legend that is Star Trek, I went full out trek, battled Klingons in space, represented DS9 on a panel, met Q, and sat in the Captain’s chair. For the full details of my personal Trek read my piece on Star Trek Mission.


1. The Wedding of the Century

396394bf10d4478fb720c458affe81adAnd of course I couldn’t close out my Top 5 list with out the most important event of my life. Getting married to my Sharon Carter. You can tell she gets me by the Christmas gift she got me.

2016 is just the beginning for us.

Happy Holidays

step 1. Line Art

To make sure that 2017 starts on a creative and positive note I wanted to end 2016 with an artistic thank you to everyone who was there for me as I became an honest man.

step 2. Flat Colors

This post includes the stages of creativity for my Flower Power illustration.

Working off of my iPad I used Adobe Draw to create the  basic black and white line art. The next stage of this was filling in the flat colors. A note about the creative process, the  green of the shirt was a happy accident, in making sure I filled all the open spots I used a green background and realized how good she looked in green. Even a digital drawing has an organic aspect.


The last stage was adding  shading and details to the figure and her clothing. To give her that pop and personality I used Adobe Capture to create the flowers in her hair and on her shirt. From here I used Adobe Creative Cloud to transfer the illustration to Adobe Illustrator to clean up the image and create a more portable png.

With the final image done, I uploaded the illustration to to add my Happy Holidays message and some random “snowfall” to give the seasonal feel. Enjoy and here’s to staying creative in 2017.


Digital Art of The Flash Cast

Since getting my new Jot Touch stylus, thank you folks at Adobe, I’ve been drawing up a storm.

Wanting to do something different I picked one of my current favorite t.v. shows, The Flash. I  pulled some images from the web of the cast and got to work. For this first round of drawings I only did 5 images of the cast, sorry Catlin next time, but I do hope to do other cast members on my next go around. Another part of the exercise was to work on shadows and color.

Enjoy the full individual images in the  Computer Art gallery and as always please let me know what you think.

Copy of Flash.Cast

Holding the Line

After re-watching this past Sunday’s episode of Game of Thrones, I wanted to put together a short list of characters who have sacrificed themselves in order to hold the line or buy more time for their companions. In no particular order or ranking, my picks are from movies, television, books and comics.

Gandalf – ” You shall not pass!

Come on you can’t stop yourself from saying it when someone tries to get by you just like Gandalf in The Lord of the Rings as he holds the bridge to let the other members of the Fellowship escape from a demon in the Mines of Moria.

Skurge the Executioner – ” Leave me as much ammunition as you can spare and an extra weapon or two.

Skurge the Executioner holds the bridge during Walter Simonson’s legendary run on Thor in the 90’s. Specifically issue #362 of Thor when this c-list character is given a final chance at redemption. Armed with two M-16 rifles, he holds the Bridge at Gjallerbru so that Thor and the rest of their rescue party can escape Hel’s army of the dead.

Hodor – ” Hold the Door! ” (SPOILER ALERT!)

In an amazing twist of literary and TV time travel trickery, after 6 books / seasons we finally discover that Hodor, the giant companion of Brandon Stark, was a normal person in the past until Brandon needs him in the present to save him by “holding the door.” Hodors sacrifice will hopefully make Brandon realize the stakes at play and the importance of his role. Off all the GoT deaths, this is up there with Ned Stark. For His last scene and stand go to YouTube.

Anakin Solo – The strike mission to kill the Voxyn queen.

Before Disney tossed out 20 plus years of the Star Wars Expanded Universe, Han and Leia’s third child Anakin held the line. At the time of his death the Jedi faced an enemy unaffected by the Force.  In addition to this their enemy had created creatures who could hunt and kill Jedi. Anakin’s last mission was to destroy their capabilities in creating more voxyn hunters.  During the escape, battered and wounded, he saved the clandestine Jedi strike team by fully channeling the Force in order to hold off the Yuuzhan Vong and let them escape.


And I am sure I missed more but for me these four resonate the most. Please leave a comment on a Line Holder for the next time.