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Artistic expressions, new projects, dope ideas, and anything fresh in the creative landscape can be found here on any given day…

LatinX in Space

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month in the Star Trek Universe.

Rest in Power King

I pretty much said everything I could about Chadwick Boseman‘s unexpected passing yesterday in my piece for Black I’ve spent the last two days rewatching his Marvel movies, his full costume intro in Civil War is a classic chase scene, the Battle of Wakanda in Infinity War hurt that much more when he faded…

Protest Art

Feeling a need to do something, I came up with this. Please remember to check your voter registration status, stay safe and keep washing your hands.

Adobe Creative Challenge Mission: Space

Adobe Creative Challenge Mission: Space A collection of my work from the Adobe Illustrator Daily Creative Challenge, a two-week webinar to build Adobe Illustrator skills with 9 exercises that are fun and engaging. From May 11 – May 22, this series of challenges was lead by instructor Andrew Hochradel aka HochDotCo and had an Outer…

Staying Creative in the Corona Times

In these staycation days for two weeks, Monday through Friday, I was able to stream Adobe expert Paul Trani’s nine 30-minute lessons/challenge for the Adobe Illustrator Daily Creative Challenge. While I’ve used Illustrator for some time, of late I’ve mostly just used it to clean up projects that I started in Adobe Draw, so to…

Sci-Fi Day 2020

‪Don’t forget to Geek out for #NationalScienceFictionDay. Watch a sci-fi show or movie, read a sci-fi novel or comic. Make some science fiction!‬ ‪#ScienceFictionDay‬