Adobe Creative Challenge Mission: Space

Adobe Creative Challenge Mission: Space

A collection of my work from the Adobe Illustrator Daily Creative Challenge, a two-week webinar to build Adobe Illustrator skills with 9 exercises that are fun and engaging.

From May 11 – May 22, this series of challenges was lead by instructor Andrew Hochradel aka HochDotCo and had an Outer Space theme, which is right up my alley.

If you would like to join in the creative exercises go to Adobe Creative Challenge on and use the hashtag #AIDailyChallenge.  If you’re already on Behance follow me at gcarmona3

Challenge 1 – Spaceship Icon
Design a spaceship icon using shapes and the Pen Tool.
Challenge 2 – Solar System Map
Design a solar system travel brochure, complete with planets and info!
Challenge 3 – Control Panel
Design the control panel for a spaceship using outer & inner flow to create glowing buttons.
Challenge 4 – Logo
Design a space-themed logo or badge using Pathfinder and Type on a Path.
Challenge 5 – Star Chart
Design a galactic constellation map using Scatter Brushes and custom lines.
Challenge 6 – Galaxy Illustration
Create a galaxy inspired illustration using Freeform Gradients.
Challenge 7 – Moon Chart
Design an illustrated moon phases chart using custom textures.
Challenge 8 – Black Hole
Use Warp tools to distort text and shapes — as they get sucked into a black hole!
Challenge 9 – Travel Log
Design an interstellar travel log with routes and entries using the Ellipse tool & Dashed Strokes.

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