LatinX in Space

Inclusion and diversity have been major components in the Star Trek Universe, showcasing that for a society to flourish it’s important to cross borders and build bridges instead of walls, to learn from our neighbors and share our stories. 

And to celebrate that IDIC within Hispanic Heritage Month, September 15 through October 15, let’s close out with a spotlight on a few of those characters, with a twist.  

Immediately I’m sure folks expect this list to be about prominent Latinx characters in the Trek pantheon; B’Elanna Torres, Hugh Culber, and Cristóbal “Chris” Ríos, they are truly important to the canon and the culture but this is for those characters who don’t have a lot of screen time. 

These characters don’t have heavy or exaggerated accents to distinguish them as Latinx, instead, we just have their names as a simple statement that Latinx Starfleeter’s are out there setting phasers to aturdir

#StarTrek #LatinxInSpace #StarTrekLatinX #HispanicHeritageMonth

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