Rest in Power King

I pretty much said everything I could about Chadwick Boseman‘s unexpected passing yesterday in my piece for Black

I’ve spent the last two days rewatching his Marvel movies, his full costume intro in Civil War is a classic chase scene, the Battle of Wakanda in Infinity War hurt that much more when he faded out from the snap, and I feel like I’m only watching Endgame to see him come back to us if just for a glorious moment leading the forces of Wakanda in saving the universe.

And no I didn’t skip Black Panther, because in a weird way I don’t think of it like a Marvel movie because of its very Shakespearean textures. And for a series of comic book movies, this was the most vibrant of them all competing with the golden city of Asgard and cosmic backgrounds of the Guardians.

And the amazingly beautiful tributes that have been flooding the internet have impressed on me the magnitude of this man’s ability, skill, and determination. And through filming those films this man fought cancer, hell he still has an unreleased project in post-production now.

Click here for the piece I wrote for, and people, please take care, between the virus, social injustice, and cancer we have to be vigilant and proactive in our collective well being.


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