New Avatar, Engage

My latest freelance gig, an interview with the Black Tribbles for has prompted me to update my avatar for my different social media sites. I used Adobe Draw to updated my previous avatar to now reflect my Starfleet persona. And as you enjoy your Halloween, please click here for the Black Tribbles interview. 

Closing out 2019

With all the events I’ve been covering I have neglected updating this site, and with 2019 almost over I made the decision to give the site a new look along with updating my writings. And don’t worry I’m still drawing, but for now, check out the articles I’ve posted this year at Writings on the…

Year in Geek 2018

From comics to books to live podcast tapings, this was my year in Geekdom. 2018 was crazy for being a geek and here are the highlights of various events I attended, participated in or covered for different media sites, as well as some of my digital drawings. Lots of fun and I look forward to…

The Ten Con Commandments – Remix

Back in 2015 I wrote a post called “It’s the Ten Con Commandments” where I laid out the important things con goers should have in order to make it all the way through New York Comic Con. And now I’m back to update/reaffirm these commandments, cue Biggie’s Ten Crack Commandments – Star Wars remix, if…

Book Drops Next Week

Last year as I was freelancing, temping, taking an evening computer class and planning a wedding, I squeezed in writing a joke book for Random House. My former DC Comics co-worker gave me a call asked if I was interested, and at first I thought there was no way I could do this. And then…

DC Super Friends Joke Book

Last year in between temp work, school, and oh yeah planning a wedding I wrote a kids joke book. So it’s a good day when your editor sends you an advance copy of your book. ‬The book drops on Sept. 5th, look for DC Super Friends Joke Book.

May the 4th be with You!

This is a piece I wrote a few weeks back, May the 4th be with You! Lando Calrissian: An Unsung Hero of The Star Wars Universe

The FIYAH This Time

“So give us your Black elves, your Black space captains, your Black heretics standing against prophecies and insurmountable odds. Send us your Black wizards and Black gods, your Black sergean… Source: The FIYAH This Time