Bows and Arrows: The Reason Why

After reviewing my last two posts, I noticed that while I stated what my theme for the Sketchbook Project is, I never stated why.

Once I made the decision to participate in this years SP, I had to select my topic or theme and on the registration website there were a gang of choices, but for me there was really only one, Bows and Arrows.


From childhood I’ve been heavily influenced by comic books. Most of my life/style (sadly) revolves around these four color characters and their zany exploits. If I had to make a top ten list of these icons, it would include Bruce, Logan, T’Challa and Steve, but the #1 spot would go to Ollie.

Wait!?! What?!? How could I pick a spoiled rich boy, Batman wannabe you ask.

The answer can be found in the now legendary 1969 classic Brave and the Bold, issue #85. Written by Bob Haney and illustrated by Neal Adams and Dick Giordano. Originally created by Mort Weinsinger and George Papp, this issue was the unveiling of Green Arrow’s new modern day look and Robin Hood attitude by Adams and Giordano.

The real grab for me was on page 18 where Batman and Green Arrow bust in on the criminals and their hostage who has a gun to his head, now Batman is about to give in but GA quickly uses an arrow that bounces off of three walls to jam in the trigger of the gunman.

BraveAndBold085-19And in the very next panel:

Batman– “I saw it, but I still don’t believe it, G.A.!”

Green Arrow– “It goes with the costume!”

I mean come on, he saved the day and impressed Batman, how could I not love this character? And there have been other moments and characters who would wield the bow, keep my attention and make me think hard about taking archery classes.

For now I’ll live with the great job the CW is doing with Arrow and my work for the Sketchbook Project.


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