Drink and Draw 5.13.15 to technical issues it took me a minute to scan and post some of my favorite sketches from this months Drink and Draw NYC.

If you’ve been reading my past blogs, then you know that Drink and Draw NYC is a monthly gathering of artists here in New York’s Lower East Side, were we get a chance to work on our live drawing skills in a less academic atmosphere. Organized by professional comicbook artist Khary Randolph.

Our model for this session was brought back from last summers popular Harley Davidson edition of Drink and Draw, the statuesque Sweet Lorraine, creator of Shades of Burlesque, an all Black burlesque show here in NYC. you missed the Drink and Draw, check her page for her local performances.

And I must reiterate the importance of being able to draw from a live model. The ability to quickly translate what you see to the page is a critical skill that must be utilized. The value of going out in a setting like a Drink and Draw, is that it allows you to see how another artist approaches the same subject, be it perspective or choice of area to focus on. You might want to get the whole model on the page, look over and see that someone is working on just her face or her feet, and make you think that might be something to try next time. Working under a time constraint can help in training your eye to see the primary shapes and angles to tackle in forming your overall drawing.

Interested, check the group page on Facebook for more information. Here’s to seeing you and your art next month.


Flashback Friday – Favorite Sketches

Here are some of my all time favorite drawings from my various sketchbooks, done with a pen.

bishop1My first sketch is a design for a character called Bishop, a member of my fictional group Lord Chamberlain’s Men. A line of sight teleporter, I wanted him to have an energetic and surreal effect when he teleports.  At the time I had the inspiration of his teleporting effect I had two ballpoint pens on me, which helps add to the piece for me. This sketch was so influential on my thinking that I abandoned the individual designs for the other characters, and opted for a more uniform look along his design.

makechickAnother drawing from an old sketchbook, is a quick piece of another character from my universe, Makeshift. At the time I was playing around with the gender of the character thinking that he might work better as a woman. After some more playing around with the idea I opted for the character to remain male because I wanted to really bust this character up and put him through the wringer. The exotic sultry look here didn’t lend to that, but the look of this sketch stuck with me way past the design stage.

Loki1The last ballpoint drawing I did during my days as a student (odds are I probably did it during class.) I wanted to create a twisted sinister killer with morphing powers and a very gritty look. Basically a mash-up of Loki and the Joker.

The versatility of a bic pen can never be truly overstated.