3 Days of the Comic Con – Part I

IMG_20141009_100822Yes I know New York Comic Con is four days, but that is another post.

If you’ve never been to Comic Con or any comic convention, think of it like a high priced parade, circus and bazaar rolled up under one roof. A multi day marathon where you have to pace yourself so you can maximize your experience.

Thursday – Day one is usually a small crowd made up of VIP’s, 4-Day pass holders and the Press, of which I was a representative. Thanks to DJ Blackicon1 of WHCR radio and RhythmAndSoulRadio.com, for giving me the gig as his producer/AV technical person. Thanks being said, Thursdays are easy walks as the vendors and artist wrap up any last minute prep as the ramp up for the big crowds on Friday and Saturday. This year started off with the biggest Thursday crowd I’ve ever seen, not use to long lines for panels or signings on day one.

Some of the standout moments were the unveiling of the Batman Forever stamp from DC Entertainment and the United States Post Service. How to Train Your Dragon 2 VR game, a short “ride” on the back of a dragon with 360º visuals, immersive sounds and varying winds. And my personal favorite, an advance purchase of David Mack’s new Star Trek novel Section 31: Disavowed, with the awesome inscription of “Don’t get the clap” signed by Mr. Mack.

Outside of those few hits, I had a lot of misses, specifically the panels. I missed every one that I wanted to go to and when I finally got my schedule problems together, my body betrayed me. End of day one.

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