3 Days of the Comic Con Part – III

Saturday – Day 3, the big one.

The crowds are enormous, the lines are seemingly endless and the costumes are crazy, fun and amazing.

20141011_182548Stars, comics, books, clothes, this is the day to geek hunt.

Had an extra $100 bucks and needed that critical autograph of Captain Picard and were willing to line up for an hour or two, then you were in luck. Got that super cool statue of Galactus, hey its was only $300. Was your favorite artist selling pages for $150 or higher, then I hate you cuz there were a gang of things I wanted but could not justify to the Lady.

But hate is for another post.

For me it was more about the cosplayers, show floor, a Star Trek panel and Black Dynamite, more on that soon.

20141011_174228For me I could never do it so gods bless Cosplayers. They’re a breed of geek that isn’t afraid to show that love. It’s easy for me to go wear an x-large t-shirt and call it a day, but it takes true passion and creativity to design and make a Skeletor costume or Voltron. Spend 2 hours on the makeup for a Two-Face costume. Find a group of friends to dress as the different shapes in Tetris or help guide you as your Sauron get-up didn’t have the best visibility, something to fix next year. I was really bummed I didn’t get a picture with Ivy DoomKitty, just keep missing her, and if you don’t know her google her quick. Passion, creativity and courage.

20141011_175516Tired of you favorite hero dying, being replaced and then coming back or your favorite storyline from 20 years ago being rehashed, then the Independent Artists that cover the rest of the floor and Artist Alley is where you should have been looking. This is where you would have found new talent working hard to get your attention and more important, your money. They are the small self-publishers with ideas and art that have a rough edge and yet speak to you. There are too many folks to spotlight but next year take a moment to look around and see what’s really the next new thing.

My last two “big” moments.

20141011_200112fixTo this day, whenever I get on an elevator I say Bridge, if you’re a fan of Star Trek then you know what I’m talking about and why I had to make it to the Star Trek at 50: From the Cage to Today panel. Moderated by Access Hollywood film critic Scott Mantz, the panel consisted of journalist Ed Gross, actress Chase Masterson, who played Lyta on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek author David Mack and from the web series Star Trek Continues, actor Vic Mignogna. Full of anecdotes of failed Trek dates, childhood nerdery and why Star Trek endures, the panel was warm and genuine in relating their love of Trek.

20141011_144909But as much as I love Trek, the Black Dynamite hour was the highlight of my con. For the second season of Black Dynamite, Adult Swim hosted a press hour featuring the cast; Michael J. White, Tommy Davidson, Kym Whitley, Byron Minns, and executive producer Carl Jones. As  part of my gig helping DJ Blackicon1, I had the privilege to sit in on this round table interview session with these awesome folks. We learned about the genesis of the movie, cartoon and what the cast has in store for this season. (Also learned that they have nothing to do with the comic.) And for the record, Honey Bee is good to go for “The List.”

20141011_160045fixAnd those ladies and gentlemen are my New York Comic Con 2014 memories. A whirlwind of running from panel to signing to event to giveaway, sometime all in the same hour. My only real regret was in not seeing as many of my people and catching up. Unfortunately I was unable to attend the last day of NYCC but after meeting Kym Whitley, I was good.

Here’s to NYCC 2015.

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