The moment I realized that …

Secret-WarsThe moment I realized that Marvel’s Secret Wars and DC’s Convergence aren’t rehashing of old comics, but a remix of the Lego Movie, DC more so as they have characters in the animated comedy. Convergence_promotional_image

I was over at my Mothers apartment, the Lego Movie was on and I can not tell you how much the kids love this movie. And as I’m watching this movie again for the umpteenth time, it hit me like a ton of Lego bricks, and a ton is a ton. Initially when I had this revelation, I had Secret Wars at the front of this, and to be fair with Secret Wars, it is only 3 issues in as of this post but the immediate  similarities were what started this train of thought/madness. But as the movie played on I saw that Convergence was closer to the source material. Doubt me, the hero of Convergence Earth 2’s Dick Grayson is really a stand-in for Emmet.

Lego_WPS_1920_1sheetNeed more; divergent worlds brought together against their will by a supreme overlord.  A band of survivors must find a way to save the day and restore order and balance to their universe. When the “big guns” are taken out its up to the everyday characters to pick up the torch and lead the way. The little guy shows the overlord how to do good.

And yes I should be drawing but I can’t get that @$@^%* song out of my head. Everything is awesome.

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