Throwback Thursday – Way Back in the Day.

ArchersketchIf you’ve been following my blog, you know that Green Arrow has been a favorite of mine from way back and now I have some proof of this. When I’m not working or drawing, I am my family’s official “IT” guy, and no I am not a computer specialist, I am just better with computers than they are. My biggest client, my cousin Myra, who can never remember her passwords so puts everything on post-its, which had us looking through all her papers for the one post to rule them all, when she magically pulls this blast from the past out like Zatanna with her top hat, a birthday card I made for her that if I had to guess is from the early 80’s. I love that decades later she still has it, it hurt me to type decades later.


The next thing to surprised me, the paper that this is on is in amazingly good condition for what looks like newsprint. Looking at it I can see the Jim Aparo influence and the kid pride of drawing such a cool character. I wonder if I still have the comic I swiped the pose from.

We never found her password.

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