So I got an iPad.


Original marker drawing.


Reworked with Adobe Sketch.

Ok I didn’t get an iPad, I was scheming on how I could justify getting one when my Mom was upgrading her phone, got an iPad and gave it to me just cuz. Yeah, she’s cool like that. After the initial setup, wifi passwords, playing, etc., I needed to see what I could really do with my new baby, who I’ve named Mother Box 3 (comic heads will know) and that meant really looking into my Creative Cloud Suite.


Another Adobe Sketch project.

About a year ago, I viewed the online presentation from Adobe  introducing the new apps and features they came up with to fill the demand for iPad apps that function like Photoshop and Illustrator. I re-watched the presentation, synced up my account and went full on download. As much as I was having fun messing around, I needed to focus on a drawing, so I pulled up an old sketch I did with pencils and markers as a template and had at it using the Sketch app from Adobe. This is their lite version of Photoshop and is easy enough but some of the functions are not as intuitive as I would have liked. It’s a true learning curve for me. I still don’t like the final drawing but as I was obsessing about it ( I re-did her eyes 4x’s ) I realized the whole point is to just get familiar with the pad and stylus, which I must say is not very intuitive to some one who is more comfortable with having a sharp point. Another thing that bothers me is that there isn’t a lot of good info out there to help you when you want to understand the full breath of the app. The apps have very basic intro videos and not much help. As for the  hardware, it is nice to be able to work on several different things on the fly, but working out in the sun is a pain. My next post will probably be about my search for the ultimate stylus (any suggestions) and how much I’ve progressed in my use of the apps.

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