W.I.P. or An Adobe Draw Love Story


Done with the Adobe Draw app on an iPad.

I am really digging Adobe Illustrator Draw, I mean really diggin’. I do have some issues with it, but overall I feel like I’ve been more artistically productive in the last few days messing around with this app, then I’ve been all year thus far.

The bad; the undo swipe needs a bit more work, the size of your current brush should match what is being shown to you, and Draw does have a shape function but a ruler couldn’t hurt. Also, if you’ve read my previous post then you know that I’m working with a stylus not optimal to this app and its capabilities.

And this leads to the great.


Original sketch

I am super surprised in the best possible way at the processing power of the iPad and this app. The bottom file contains four layers and the Archer drawing contains seven layers, including the original images I used as a guide. The brushes are very responsive and once you get a feel for them they are a true asset to the app. Don’t believe it, click on the image to zoom in and see the detail brush strokes gave me. Another cool feature is the shape tool which allows you to draw straight lines, again check the arrow and bow-string.


Done with the Adobe Draw app on an iPad.

The transfer from the iPad to my laptop is also impressive, if not a little scary. In Draw you’re allowed to send your work from the app straight to Illustrator, layers and all, the scary part is seeing the program start on its own.

Bottom line, it’s not Illustrator, but Draw sure does come close for something I thought was going to be a nice toy. Again these are works in progress, but more to come.

And please any recommends on a stylus would be awesome.

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