Throwback Thursday – Letter to Milestone

Another gem from the 90’sMilestoneLetter, my letter to Milestone Media Editor-in-Chief Dwayne McDuffie looking for a job.

I was looking for some direction, knew I wanted to be in comics but had no clue about how, back then there were only a few books on making comics and the internet had no google to be of any assistance.

My girlfriend at the time told me to write a letter and see what they have it couldn’t hurt. I pulled out my latest issue of Hardware, looked up the address and the rest as they say is history. I didn’t get a job, but I did become an intern and I’ve written about that part of my life before, but it can never be understated how influential my time there was.

Most of the good things in my life can be traced back to this letter, I learned about comics, had fun and life long friends were made. So if you met me after 1996, you can thank (or blame) this piece of history.

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