Brooklyn Brewery Comic Con Brooklyn Defender Beer Launch Party 2015

20150909_194632Last night I attended the launch party of the Brooklyn Defender, a specialty beer made for New York Comic Con by Brooklyn Brewery. The party was co-hosted by New York Comic Con, BB Brew Master Garrett Oliver, and Comic Book Artist Khary Randolph, the designer of this years Defender.  On tap were the usual fair of beers, free capes, glasses and cosplay. 20150909_202823

Artist from last weeks Drink and Draw were encouraged to share their interpretation of the Defender and I was blessed to have my art adorn the walls of the party. Scroll down for a better look of the finished works.

Thanks to NY Comic Con, Brooklyn Brewery, Garrett Oliver and most of all to Khary for creating a cool ass character.

Brooklyn.Defender.2 Brooklyn.Defender.1


Drink and Draw – Brooklyn Brewery Defender

Defender.5Last night was Drink and Draw NYC, a positive space where artists can come together and sketch a live model. Created and run by comic book artist Khary Randolph, last nights D&D had the distinction of being the 6th anniversary of the get together and also the unveiling of Brooklyn Brewery’s New York Comic Con specialty beer, The Brooklyn Defender.

Defender.2Each year, Brooklyn Brewery picks a comic book artist to design the look of the character for their bottle and this time the call went out to D&D’s very own Khary. To celebrate, Brooklyn Brewery was gracious enough to provide us with free samples of their specialty brew.

And I doubt it is necessary to state that when you offer folks free beer they will show up. Artists were asked to share their work based on model Atallah Divines cosplay of the character. The artwork will be on display at Brooklyn Brewery’s official launch party for the Defender next week. Also, I just got word that I will have two pieces on display based on these sketches, if you’re unable to attend the party look for the final versions here, next week.

Again thanks to Brooklyn Brewery for the beer, as well as Khary Randolph and the souls of Drink and Draw NYC for helping me to stay creative. Here’s to more beer and more art.

Defender.3  Defender.1

Drink and Draw 5.13.15 to technical issues it took me a minute to scan and post some of my favorite sketches from this months Drink and Draw NYC.

If you’ve been reading my past blogs, then you know that Drink and Draw NYC is a monthly gathering of artists here in New York’s Lower East Side, were we get a chance to work on our live drawing skills in a less academic atmosphere. Organized by professional comicbook artist Khary Randolph.

Our model for this session was brought back from last summers popular Harley Davidson edition of Drink and Draw, the statuesque Sweet Lorraine, creator of Shades of Burlesque, an all Black burlesque show here in NYC. you missed the Drink and Draw, check her page for her local performances.

And I must reiterate the importance of being able to draw from a live model. The ability to quickly translate what you see to the page is a critical skill that must be utilized. The value of going out in a setting like a Drink and Draw, is that it allows you to see how another artist approaches the same subject, be it perspective or choice of area to focus on. You might want to get the whole model on the page, look over and see that someone is working on just her face or her feet, and make you think that might be something to try next time. Working under a time constraint can help in training your eye to see the primary shapes and angles to tackle in forming your overall drawing.

Interested, check the group page on Facebook for more information. Here’s to seeing you and your art next month.

Drink & Draw NYC – 4.8.15

Sketch of model Taneisha Shaw, five minute poses, first round.
Sketch of model Taneisha Shaw, five minute poses, first round.

Every month at Mary O’s in the Lower East Side of NYC, a bunch of artist get together at this cool local pub for shit talking, drinks and drawing.

Generally the night starts off with some quick 2 or 5 minute warm up sketches, followed by a couple of 10 minute poses and a 20 minute pose before a model break and costume change to do another round of poses.

Sketch of model Taneisha Shaw, first round ten minute pose.
Sketch of model Taneisha Shaw, first round ten minute pose.

I am sure I have stated this before, but it is important enough to repeat. As an artist live model drawing is essential to an artists growth and creativity.

Organized by comic book artist Khary Randolph and featuring a rotating assortment of models, this months model was the fabulous Taneisha Shaw. For more information visit the Facebook page, Drink and Draw NYC.

Go forth and draw, after you check out my stuff.

Sketches of model Taneisha Shaw, second round 2 ten minute poses.
Sketches of model Taneisha Shaw, second round 2 ten minute poses.
Sketches of model Taneisha Shaw, second round 2 five minute poses.
Sketches of model Taneisha Shaw, second round 2 five minute poses.

3 Days of the Comic Con – Part II

DSCF0390Friday – Day 2 of NYCC was redemption day, my MacArthur returns, my I’ll be back, my Return of the Jedi. With more panels to check out, I was able to make 4 out of 6, in Baseball terms I had a great day at the plate.

Starting with the Marvel 75th Anniversary opening panel, I was in the presence of Marvel luminaries; Len Wein, Chris Claremont, Louise Simonson, Walt Simonson, Rick Leonardi, Fabian Nicieza and moderated by Marvel editor Mike Marts. The panelist spoke on their time at Marvel, the creation of characters like Wolverine and Apocalypse and the rise of the crossover events. The best quote from the group was Mr. Simonson “I’m an old guy, I don’t care.” As to what he doesn’t care about, well what is said at Comic Con stays at Comic Con so no ones feelings get hurt.

IMG_20141010_120456My next stop was the I’m DMC I Can Draw!” The Artists of Darryl Makes Comics. A new graphic novel from Hip-hop icon Darryl DMC McDaniels from the legendary group Run-DMC. Promised at last years NYCC, DMC and crew make good on their promise of a Hip-hop hero for all generations.

DSCF0405That was followed up by the Women of Color in Comics: Race, Gender and the Comic Book Medium panel moderated by comic mogul Regine Sawyer, creator/writer of Ice Witch and the Rippers. This panel spoke about the changing face of the comic book industry, the importance in representing all of its audience and sense of invisibility that some of the panelist had to fight in the path to becoming comic creators.

DSCF0464My last panel stop was the Hip-Hop & Comics: Cultures Combining. A mix of music icons like Pete Rock and Large Professor and comic creators Khary Randolph and Ronald Wimberly, et al. This group discussed the similarities of the two genre; both being fusions of other genres and its creation of other identities and alias on stage and in print. The most interesting comparison made by the panel was that of artists and rappers being modern-day ronin.

20141010_115104Day 2 counting the cosplayers, comic haul and quick picture with Brian Michael Bendis, I was batting over 600. Day 3 you’re next.